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Investor Intros?

We have a network of over 4 million investors, and in the last 12 years we have helped companies raise over $500 Million Dollars.

Our team will become your On Demand salesforce and will contact the investors on your behalf.

We will weed out any non-interested and non-qualified investors, leaving you will only the absolute cream of the crop to speak with.

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Recently Funded Projects

Natural Health Nutraceuticals

Company $2 Million

Manufacturer of 100% natural health supplements targeting the same results as medical Cannabis, but without Cannabis compounds. Now in Health Food retailers in the country.

Real Estate Construction

Company $5 Million

Established in house builder with well-known Commercial clients like Starbucks Verizon, and Albertsons. Numerous profitable Multifamily new construction projects.

Software AI Solutions

Firm $10 Million

Patented AI solution that communicates with existing Software Developers just like a co-worker. And provides the best of both worlds- Human understanding at the speed of a computer.

Get Investor Capital Faster and Easier Than Ever Before Great Words From Clients

The Best Way to Raise Capital Without Giving Up Any Control

Custom Tailored

Investors will be pre-screened on your exact project before you speak with them.

Completely Exclusive

You will have a private 1:1 meeting with each investor and their attention will be 100% focused on you.

100% Guaranteed

Each investor will be interested in funding your exact project, accredited by net worth or income, and liquid to invest right now.

Connect With Investors

Accredited Investors, Angel Investors, Private Investors

Our program connects you with investors nationwide and in all industries

Start or Grow Your Business With Capital

Raise $500,000 to $10,000,000

The average investment size of an investor on our site is $250,000

Great Words From Our Clients

We work with some great entrepreneurs. Here’s what some of them have to say about us.

“Their program gave me what I was trying to do all along with my own efforts – Simply speak with people that wanted to invest with me and had the money to do it.”

“I never would have imagined being turned down by VCs because I didn’t need more than $5 Million. With Investor Intros, I got the capital I needed fast, directly from real investors.”

“The one thing I liked most was keeping control of my business. Giving up 70% in the beginning would hurt, but when my company’s worth $200+ MM it hurts much more.”

Compare Your Other Funding Options

Method to Raise Capital Give Up Equity? Collateral Required? Existing Sales Req? $5 MM+ Possible Total Risk
Investor Intros No No No Yes One Time Fee
Angel Investor Yes Yes Yes No Current and future profits | equity | control
Bank Loan No Yes Yes Yes Collateral $1mm+ personal guarantee
Venture Capital Yes No No Yes Current and future profits | equity | control


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